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09 Nov

This is a boutique hotel that practically makes you scream “uncle” from overexposure to delight. Owner John Pope has a degree in historic preservation, so you can guarantee that his collection, some of which has been featured in famed shelter publications, is incredibly well curated.There’s the brick-paved courtyard, the turquoise bicycles that are complimentary to borrow, the cooking school (where you can learn to make cantaloupe gazpacho and a multitude of other delicious dishes) and 16 studios and suites set in restored circa 1804 buildings that are almost too charming to handle. Is it humanly possible to visit the Holy City and not sample the chicken biscuit covered in cheddar and sausage gravy at Hominy Grill?Shoe shines, help packing and unpacking, an extra bag of Charleston Cheese Zingers—your trusty butler has you covered.And speaking of zingers, be sure to spend quality time at the Spectator’s bar, where quick-witted bartender Allen Lancaster is as entertaining as the cocktail names on his menu.Pillows are just the beginning when it comes to service at this downtown stunner.Breakfast is included and delivered daily to your room, there’s a wine and cheese reception each evening, as well as a port wine nightcap service, and bikes are free to borrow for all guests.You’ll see plenty of antebellum-era digs around this town, but for a chic portal into midcentury Charleston, there’s The Dewberry.The former 1960s federal building (commissioned by JFK) is decked in cherry and mahogany wood, throwback Powl Kjaerholm sofas and works by 1950s abstract artist William Halsey.

Because Charleston has so many epic experiences, we’re starting you off with 50 places and activities—both old and new—that just might make your traveling heart go boom.Old World charm isn’t just in the 1920s-inspired décor at this Historic District hotel.Each room comes with a butler, who’s at your service 24-hours a day.Scientifically speaking, yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it.Plus, the fact that they serve the Charleston Nasty (with fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy, pictured here) all day, make it even harder to miss.