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30 Mar

Talero spent more than an hour at the prison talking with the Colombian-born woman convicted of importing cocaine hidden in candles.

He left the meeting with a pile of documents and a mountain of questions.“There’s something that doesn’t add up here,” Talero said to his assistant on the three-hour drive from Edmonton to his home in Calgary.“If she’s lying to us, she’s the best liar I’ve ever seen.”Continue reading Fight for Freedom Part 2: The kindness of strangers: Although the courts found her guilty, Sindy Rodriguez gathers a group of believers.

As part of the new role, he’d spent the afternoon in Edmonton visiting a desperate young prisoner serving a 9½-year sentence for importing 12 kilograms of cocaine from Panama to Fort Mc Murray. He had a law degree and had met hundreds of inmates while working as consul general of Colombia in Miami in the 1990s.

There, he found that in 99.9 per cent of cases, the person behind bars was guilty as charged. Rodriguez insisted she was innocent the moment she was arrested and had maintained the same story to this day, nearly four years later.

Willing to help an old acquaintance, Rodriguez passed along the address where she lived in Fort Mc Murray without asking where in Canada the physician or Murillo’s sister lived.High school and graduation followed and by 2009 Rodriguez was living in Fort Mc Murray with her older sister while working as a corporate sales rep for a wireless communications provider and taking ballroom dance classes.When Murillo, the smiley boy who dated her friend years ago in Colombia, contacted Rodriguez in June 2009, she didn’t think twice about his desire to reconnect.Monica was dating a boy named William Murillo, known by most as “Smiles,” a nickname that originated from his charismatic grin and friendly personality.Both Monica and Smiles became a distant memory after Rodriguez returned to Canada in 2005.