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It can be fired from cars, and its availability, ammo capacity, and higher fire rate make it more desirable for drive-bys and chases than the Combat Pistol.

However, submachine guns are always a better option than pistols if available, mainly because of their fully automatic capability, fire rate, and in some cases higher damage.

Crèche traditionnelle représentant la nativité de Jésus à Bethléem dans un décor qui évoque les hautes Boutières. Venez découvrir toute la magie de la Montagne Ardéchoise sous la neige, une randonnée nocturne inoubliable suivie d'un repas au coin du feu au Pub du Volcan.However, during the cutscene of Crazy '69', Ray Machowski carries a silver M1911A1 instead.In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the Pistol is based on a Beretta 92F, a modification of the original Beretta 92.It is unknown what version of the Glock Rockstar intended for this Pistol, as the in-game model has the exterior of a Glock 22, but has the caliber, magazine capacity and traits of a Glock 17.The sights on the model are also incorrect; the gun's front sight is a duplicate of the twin-post rear sight.