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01 Oct

Cait Reilly, who studied geology at university, had been unable to find a job in her subject area and was claiming unemployment benefit while volunteering in a museum in the hope it would lead to a job in that sector.Miss Reilly is now taking landmark legal action against the Government after being told she risked losing her £53.45-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) payment if she turned down the two-week unpaid work experience stint at Poundland.

The Department of Geosciences currently offers an MS in Geosciences and in Fall 2018 the Department will launch the Interdisciplinary Earth System Science Ph D degree, offering geoscience education specialists an array of opportunities for completing their coursework and research leveraging access to multiple colleges on campus.Employment minister Chris Grayling said: ‘We think it’s really important to provide young people with the opportunity to get into workplaces and show what they can do.Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 9.1 per cent of Wales’ workforce were unemployed in the period of August to October 2011 - up from 8.4 per cent between May and July last year.The geoscience education and geocognition research group at Auburn focuses on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, learning in introductory courses and the use of active learning approaches, the testing of technologies in the classroom (e.g., augmented and virtual reality), people’s knowledge and perceptions of global change, psychomotor (e.g., eye-tracking and skin biosensors) responses to an intervention or stimuli, and the understanding of student conceptual models and skills, such as spatial thinking and graph reading, as they apply to the geosciences. Current research efforts include app design, Earth Science curriculum development, the AR sandbox, the EM River stream table, and research in National Parks.Cal State – Fullerton also offers a offers a Ph D in Earth Systems Science and MS in Geosciences with the possibility of research topics in the area of Geosciences Education.