Consolidating audio files cubase

27 Mar

does anyone know a way to import a session from Cubase onto Pro Tools... Otherwise it will be a real pain in the arse to realign all the tracks in Protools, even more if it was a free performance (no click).

my band recorded some tracks at a studio but they were using Cubase 4 i do believe and i want to use those files that we recorded and import them onto pro tools..... Then when you import them into Protools you'll just have to import as new tracks and everything will be synchronized.

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We're often asked how to transfer projects from one software DAW to another.

available for Mac, however, and if you plan to collaborate with others, then you need to find some way of getting your tracks out of Garageband in a way that will allow other systems to use the files.

The best file format for doing this is .wav/(which are the same thing).

I am fairly new to using recording software, so be nice..issue is: How does a fella export my live session (ex: 5 individual tracks for one home recorded song) as wav files to be imported and mixed in protools or any other software??

I know how to export audio as a mix down to wav, but can this be done for the individual tracks of a saved project and loaded to a thumb drive for instance??