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14 Jul

The lecture will take place in room 110 of the Fine Arts Building, located on Third Street, between Cooper Street and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on the Rutgers–Camden Campus.

The Camden Campus of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, offers 34 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs, including the nation’s first Ph D program in childhood studies; a nationally ranked and respected School of Law; an MFA in creative writing; and a MBA from southern New Jersey’s first internationally accredited business school.

In a recent New York University study of 312 crystal meth users, 32 percent were white, 23 percent were Latino and 22 percent were black. Halkitis, an applied psychologist at New York University who led the study, said that ''the problem has been brewing for the past year, but now it's beginning to boil.'' Dr.

and TB Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control, ''crystal meth is a very serious public health issue.'' Like AIDS itself, which was once largely confined to the world of white gay men, the abuse of crystal meth is beginning to find favor among those who live far from Chelsea.

''Not everyone's happy with the bait-and-switch, but there aren't many ways to get people's attention,'' Mr. Over the past decade, as crystal meth has made its way into New York, it has led to a steadily rising number of arrests, hospitalizations and health problems. infections were three times higher among methamphetamine users than among nonusers. Valdiserri, deputy director of the National Center for H. says the appeal of meth is even greater than crack: methamphetamine, which can be smoked, snorted or injected, is just as cheap but packs a more potent and prolonged high.

At a methamphetamine support group run by Gay Men's Health Crisis, blacks now make up more than 10 percent of the participants, up from fewer than two percent in 2001. Richard Rawson, a researcher at University of California, Los Angeles, who has been studying the drug for two decades.

Evans, an outreach worker for Positive Health Project, an advocacy group that strives to reduce the spread of H. ''Sometimes a guy will get hostile, but then he'll come back later to ask me questions.'' But he has succeeded, via the Internet, in persuading some men to join his group. Evans, a recovering crystal meth addict, is among a handful of drug abuse counselors trying to stanch the powerful amphetamine's increasing popularity among black and Hispanic gay men, a trend that has alarmed city health officials who link the drug to the spread of H. ''From a pure marketing point of view, meth really gives you a bigger bang for your buck,'' Dr. The drug's route from gay enclaves to a heterosexual population, experts say, could come about via gay men of color, especially those who lead double sex lives, similar to the path of AIDS over the last decade.

He was trying to lure Bronxplayer into his support group for black and Latino men whose lives have been hijacked by crystal meth, an illegal stimulant known to melt away inhibitions. Evans said as he scrolled down, searching for his next prospect. A recent study of 19,000 men in Los Angles showed that new H. Further, drug abuse experts and some law enforcement officials in New York say they fear that the drug could follow the trajectory of another stimulant that spread violent crime, death and the dissolution of communities across New York City a generation ago: crack cocaine. And unlike crack cocaine, whose raw materials are imported from South America, methamphetamine can be made locally from widely available ingredients.

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Just as homosexuality is more stigmatized among some minority groups, so, too, is the use of a drug associated with gay sex.

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Rutgers–Camden is home to more than 250 faculty whose research, teaching, and service endeavors make positive impacts throughout the globe.

Richard Epstein writes that the Yale diehards who are likely to implement the sexual harassment on campus policy are the same folks who have taken the lead in implementing Yale’s policy on inclusion and free speech, in ways that necessarily sacrifice the latter to the former., Yale President Peter Salovey tried to explain how colleges can make room for both freedom of speech and a culture of inclusion and diversity. The supposed tension between free speech and inclusion is false, he argues, because it is possible to pursue both ends simultaneously.