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22 Mar

If he really wants to prevent them from "tarnishing Nigeria's image" he should attend to them when they return home on their periodic visits.(And check that chief's ID, it is just possible that he gave you a false name and address!British Investment Trust Bank" which (had) a website which talks about customer security and uses pictures of tourist sites in London to underline its respectability and status. As of 18th July '03, both of these websites are unavailable.Strangely enough, this "bank" does not feel able to publish its correct address. We must thank both British and American enforcement agencies for their rapid reaction.Account Analysis – Contra Account Account Analysis Report Average Balance Audit Report Budget: These reports and listings contain information about your budgets and budget organizations, including account assignments and budget hierarchies Budget Hierarchy Listing Budget Journals by Account Report Budget Organization Listing Budget Organization Range Listing Budgetary Control Transactions Report Frozen Budget Accounts Listing Funds Available Analysis Report Master/Detail Budget Report Summary/Detail Budget Report Unbudgeted Master/Detail Accounts Report Chart of Accounts: These reports and listings provide information about the accounts in your chart of accounts, including segment values, rollup ranges and suspense accounts.Account Hierarchy Report Chart of Accounts Detail Listings Chart of Accounts Mapping Rules Report Rollup Detail Listing Rollup Range Listing Inactive Accounts Listing Segment Values Listing Suspense Accounts Listing Consolidation: These reports and listings provide information about your consolidation activities.Matthew Chapman, writing in The Mail on Sunday (Feb. Afolabi's charity had received 350,000 pounds from the Community Fund "to help asylum seekers". Afolabi has apparently denied being involved in the supply of false documents and is quoted as saying "I swear to God I don't know anything".General Ledger gives you a complete set of standard reports such as journal reports,general ledgers, account analyses and trial balances.

The same segment security rules defined for your chart of accounts extend to account analysis reports.

As ridiculous as these approaches seem, innocent people occasionally fall for them.

They sometimes end up meeting a Nigerian in a plush hotel.

Consolidation Audit Report Consolidation Exception Report: Disabled Parent Accounts Consolidation Exception Report: Unmapped Subsidiary Accounts Consolidation Journals Report Chart of Accounts Mapping Rules Report Currency: These listings show the daily and historical rates you defined for foreign currencies.

Daily Conversion Rates Listing Historical Rates Listing Financial Statement Generator: These listings provide summary or detail information about the definitions of your Financial Statement Generator report components, reports and report sets.