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20 Feb

What I find truly a matter of displaced argument is when many absolve to annoying and sometimes borderline incitement to violence against someone’s opinions.

Here is a sarcastic response by one of the insightful readers about the negative response by someone who republished Katrina’s article in an her blog:“Also, good work exposing her identity so internet trolls can send her personal hate mail.

So that was definitely a pro of dating this “third category” Moroccan: respect.”This frustrating sentiment is shared by countless Moroccan women.

Tell me why haven’t “readers” with some sense of critical thinking paid attention to such a comment and debated it as a disturbing phenomenon?

Until this debate is upgraded to the issues, all issues, MWN will continue to post what it deems worthy of a dialogue and brush off frustrated posts as destructive reactionism by those who resist change.

well everything is written already so if somebody else has sometime to waste than its definitely not gonna be here with me n good luck for everyone normal person modest n trying to stay away from problems as much askind honest and clever lol jk I m an ok person inside and out: ) im petite, a few extra pounds, long dark brown/black hair and brown eyes, lightly tanned skin. i like modern clothes, but it's not everything for me.

This category is always on the sidelines, and can be a waste of ideological space.

Let’s not forget that we are part of a cultural heritage that is rich with diversity, tradition, and above all, a culture that considers itself wiser for its outreach to the outside world with its multidimensional influences I strongly lament the abundance of all the unconstructive criticism leveled at the author.This category can be very troubling, because it emanates from a deviated chauvinistic sense of patriarchal authority.The second category is one that is passive and is accepting to all sides of thinking with a high sense of peaceful coexistence regardless of the frictions that exist in their environment.That some Moroccans are driven by an insatiable need to procreate, search for a better future and date foreign blue eyed women is only natural.Moroccans do not discriminate against all opportunities, especially if one presents itself to search for a better future elsewhere among ‘blue eyed folks around the world’. I don’t think so, but it is possible to put the readers in these categories: destructive reactionaries who hide behind some type of hypocritical moral piety prescribed by their personal sense of professing the absolute truth and dare anyone think differently.