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28 Mar

Rates the presentation of the traffic information and the ability to put the data into use.Rating factors include color coding for traffic severity, depth of information, estimated time for delay, and tools for rerouting around congestion.Testing considers such things as whether the database allows dynamic searching for addresses, if unlikely letters are grayed out, ease of entering into navigation menus upon start-up, ease of finding points of interest, and ease of adjusting common functions like volume, brightness, and map zoom setting.Our routing evaluation looks at the choices for fine-tuning a route and calculation time.Fits well, reminder cable included, happy with my purchase.Ease of use score is based on an assessment of the physical interface, touch-screen control, programming logic, and readability.It can usually tuck under a bike's seat when not in use and some are also equipped with alarms that will alert you to any movement.

Includes type and font size of on-screen information, ability to speak proper street names, languages supported, and amount of audible information given including descriptions of the next maneuver, including lane assist and reality view.The Garmin Real Directions easy-to use interface is rich with information, pointing out landmarks, traffic lights, highway exits, and other points of interest with realistic detail.It includes free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts.Thanks again SBS and Sophie, for your superb customer service. Wanted a disc lock that I could put onto the rear disc of my S10 the holes in the disc are only 6mm so went for this and Oxford reputation.Not sure how long it would stand up to an attack but it gives another hurdle for a would be thief to get over.