Wmp retrieving media information and updating files

14 May

Are there any options I can disable that I don't know about? You'll have to scroll about a 1/4 of the page down before you get past the "ya me too" comments...All I can find online is people who somehow That's how I set it on the initial setup. User: _DHV_ noticed the same issue, that the metadata would revert, unless you changed it to "read only"...Windows Media Player 11 is available for Windows XP and included in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.The default file formats are Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Advanced Systems Format (ASF), and its own XML based playlist format called Windows Playlist (WPL).

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Windows Media Player has the nasty habit of adding album art to MP3 (and other media) files and directories it finds on the disc.

I originally thought it was Windows Media Player, but it happens even when I've never opened WMP.

Seems to happen on both XP and Win7, but more often in Win7, though it's hard to tell because I move files between the two so often.

In November of the following year, Video for Windows was introduced with the ability to play digital video files in an AVI container format, with codec support for RLE and Video1, and support for playing uncompressed files. Video for Windows was first available as a free add-on to Windows 3.1, and later integrated into Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.

In 1995, Microsoft released Active Movie with Direct X Media SDK.