How often to hang out when dating

17 Sep

She was my sister's best friend and as such she was always around.

I'd been hung up on her since the seventh grade, but I didn't exist as far as Paulie was concerned.

Contact lenses came along and Frankie Four-eyes disappeared.

I went out for football and I thought I was pretty good, but the coach thought Danny Marks was better so I sat on the bench.

All you have to do is hang in there." By age seven I was wearing glasses because of near-sightedness and the taunts changed to "Four-eyed fatso." When I came home from school in a downer of a mood because of it my mom asked me what was wrong.

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Of course some of the times I was told to hang in there and it would get better I hung in there and they did.So I hung in there and sure enough Bev Abbeg came up to me in the student cafeteria and asked me for a date.I of course said yes and on our third date we were steaming up the windows of the car with our make out sessions. Her parents were gone for the weekend and when I arrived she said she would rather stay home and we could watch some of her dad's collection of movies.I was talking to my Uncle Bob about it and got the "Hang in there Frank; you'll get your chance." One Friday night in a game against Weston Danny wasn't doing well and the coach said "Dalton!Get in there for Marks" and I never sat on the bench again.