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15 Feb

Also, spurred on by the whole scandal that’s happened, so many people claim to know what I’m like. But I never really thought about the connection between fusion and broken home.Your first girlfriend cheated on you—twice—and your stepmothers verbally abused you.Let’s move.”Between moving to Austin, right by Sandra, and going to rehab, it seemed like you went to some lengths to try and patch things up with her.For a while I tried to do everything I could, but I had to come to the realization that thing was broken beyond repair, and trying to fix it or make it better is something I’ve always done, cause I’m a welder and mechanic, but it was just my ego I was trying to fix.Calm, stable, level-headed, good conversation, has her own job. I build the best motorcycles in the world, but I’m an asshole.I was like, “Wow, that’s what I want.” I didn’t necessary pick [Sandra] because we were a perfect match. It seems like you have a type, and you tried something different—a good girl—and it didn’t work out. Of course they’re going to vilify me, but they also have a desire to drag Sandy down and bring her to their level.

James sat down with The Daily Beast for an exclusive, tell-all interview where he opens up about his abuse, why he cheated on Sandra Bullock, his Nazi costume controversy, and much more. I’ve had offers for a decade to write my memoir, but I thought I was too young. I’m trying to not live in the past.”The first portion of this book, strangely enough, really reads like The Blind Side.It’s daily maintenance to maintain a good relationship with someone. I didn’t have the ability or the knowledge to know that back then.One of the things that seemed to drive you into the arms of Sandra was your hellish relationship with Janine Lindemulder.It just sucks that because of the divorce, things have played out the way it has, because I would have no problem having her maintain a relationship with Sunny.There’s a big hole there in Sunny’s life without Sandy there. They would get frustrated with the paparazzi and be like, “Why don’t you ram them!