Updating steam hangs

30 Jun

Check for any programs that might interfere with the game or Steam, and disable them - If you are told you have a Virtual Driver or a Q: Driver this usually means you should disable them. Please do not forget to turn your antivirus back once all solutions have been done and after trying the game to see if your issue has been resolved. (For Launcher issues only) If none of these work please check out FAQ “Issues Launching the game.Check to make sure that your computer meets the minimum specifications of the game you are playing.Also, remember to include any error messages you get (screenshots are very helpful) as well as what you were doing in the game when it happened.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. I've tried all of the suggested fixes, such as rebooting steam, changing download server, deleting (or something like that), and finally testing on a different internet connection (LAN connection).Even after all of this, the download still won't complete and I cannot play the game.Try closing other programs or running a clean boot on your computer to stop any conflicting programs.

(see this link from Steam: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php? If none of these solutions has helped, we will need more information about your system. You can find this opening a windows explorer page and copy pasting in the top bar the following: %App Data%\Roaming\The Creative assembly\Rome2\scripts d. If your game tries to load and crashes, this should create an mdmp file (mini dump crash file).

Run an antivirus check to ensure your computer is virus free. As this game is being updated via Steam, and as it cannot work without having Steam installed, it usually is installed in the Steam folder as this is the standard process. Keep in mind that having and no browser opened as well as your antivirus turned off will help ensuring that there are no files that could get corrupted when installing/downloading the game or parts of it (this happens sometimes).

Therefore, while following the below steps, turn off your antivirus and ensure no other programs is running.

If your system has a dual GPU/video chipset configuration, you may have to run it with integrated graphics instead of n Vidia for example.

Right click on If you haven't downloaded or installed the game yet: You also might need to temporarily disable your antivirus, MS Security Essentials or Windows Firewall long enough to download, install, patch and login to get into the game, and then turn it back on.