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15 Oct

Hariri has dual Saudi Arabian citizenship, was born there and has a lot of money in business holdings in the country.So the country considers him a crucial ally to Lebanon - where oil-rich Sunni regional powers compete with Iran for influence over the state.The officials also hoped that the action would spark a regional crisis, according to the Times.After facing backlash from Lebanon and Western governments Saudi Arabia finally allowed Hariri to return home, where he quickly withdrew his resignation.That afternoon Hariri delivered his pre-written resignation speech on Saudi television, according to the report.France, the United States and Egypt all quickly stepped in - and Hariri was sent back to Lebanon.

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Doug Leadley, manager of Orrion Farms in Washington, which owns the horse, said he had no breathing problems, adding: ‘We think he is the most beautiful Arabian in the world – we think he is a king.’Regency Cove Farms, in Oklahoma, which bred the horse, said he had been bred to be a ‘very unique animal’ which was ‘a little bit different’.

Equine expert Tim Greet said: ‘The deformity is even more significant for a horse than for a dog.‘Dogs, like man, can mouth-breathe, but horses can only breathe through their nose.

I suspect exercise would definitely be limited for this horse.’The owners of El Rey Magnum, at a specialist horse farm in the US, have defended the appearance of their nine-month-old colt, which resembles cartoon horses in Disney films Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin.

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The 'king of horses' has been born in America leaving veterinarians horrified at the increase of extreme breeding where horses are bred to have concave faces, creating 'cartoon-like' animals.