Consolidating server

26 Oct

This has meant some customers have run a number of Windows servers in their data center just for SQL Server.

It's also meant that Mac and Linux development machines have needed to connect to SQL Server over the network, and haven't been able to run it locally unless on a Windows virtual machine.

It offers cross-platform capabilities and Docker container compatibility.

But while packages created for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft's stalwart ETL (extract, transform and load) tool, must be authored on Windows machines, the service itself can run on Linux and SSIS packages can be run at the Linux command line, using the command .Windows-based SQL Server tools can connect to Windows Linux instances of SQL Server, so Windows developers needn't change their toolsets.Meanwhile, these tools aren't required: Microsoft provides Linux command line tools for SQL Server, and the most important ones are installed into the Docker image by default. All applications have their own unique history, which has influenced their design and functionality, and Exchange is no different.The events that have shaped Exchange include Microsoft's corporate directions and strategy, hardware performance and capability, the needs of customers, the actions of competitors, and the evolution of the Internet.