Is olesya rulin dating

16 May

It was at one of the first events I went to in New York, a black tie party at one of the museums, that I had met Emma Watson.

She was probably one of my top hollywood crushes and I was extremely nervous as I introduced myself to her and as luck would happen we hit it off right away.

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In fact it was her flirting and grinding up on me on the dance floor that pushed me to the point that I had to call Emma.With Emma having gone back to London to visit family 10 days ago I hadn’t even planned on going to this thing but Emma talked me into going since I was going to be in LA and it’d be better than just hanging out in the hotel room. If not then I may just bend over the next actress that walks up to me and fuck right there in the middle of the party.” “Hahaha, oh my God.Now that I finally gotten some place quiet, I called Emma. ” She answered in a groggy voice, I’d obviously woken her up. I really like you to, and I do want to be exclusive…” “Okay” I had mixed feeling about that answer at the moment and was ready to hang up “But!“Yeah, it’s because I haven’t been Emma in over a week and girls in that room, like you, who took the opportunity of me being alone to openly flirt and grind up on me all night.” I said sternly as I stepped up to Olivia.Olivia meekly took a step back causing her to back right up against the wall.