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01 Jun

Royal Worcester - Basic Marking System Four linked W's crest surmounted by a crown: Begun 18621891 - the words 'ROYAL WORCESTER ENGLAND' appear ringed around the crest.

Every following year until 1903 a dot is added near the crown To the left side - even years To the right - odd years.1904 dots are also put under the crest:as follows: One for each year until 19151916 A star is used to replace all the dots accumulated to that date.

Then a single dot added for each year through to 1927.

Here's some info which will help everyone with their Royal Worcester backstamp dating: Puce marks date from 1900 to 19411941 to present: black backstamps Note: Green marks used for: Boer War Soldiers First World War Soldiers Blue marks used for:limited series only Red marks: Very few.The collections date back to 1751 and the Victorian gallery, the ceramic collections, archives and records of factory production, form the primary resource for the study of Worcester porcelain and its history.Artists and designers who worked for the factory included Thomas Baxter, William Billingsley, John Stinton, David Bates, James Hadley, Christopher Dresser.Royal Worcester is believed to be the oldest or second oldest remaining English porcelain brand still in existence today, established in 1751 (this is disputed by Royal Crown Derby, which claims 1750 as its year of establishment). known as Royal Worcester was formed in 1862, and wares produced before this are known as Worcester porcelain, although the company had a royal warrant from 1788.Since 2009 part of the Portmeirion Group, Royal Worcester remains in the luxury tableware and giftware market, although production in Worcester itself has ended. The enterprise has followed the pattern of other leading English porcelain brands, with increasing success during the 18th and 19th centuries, and a gradual decline during the 20th century, especially the latter half.