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24 Mar

No news here, but today we have all sorts of novel ways to meet people without, you know, actually meeting them.Yet, there’s always a certain amount of disconnect when you connect with someone online.

It’s a real 21st century conundrum: If we’re unable to meet people in real life, but disappointed in what we’re finding online, what’s the solution?

"It was really about looking into whether or not apps can actually materialize into something physical and whether or not it actually adds a better dimension to the overall experience,” Mendoza says.

The project is part of the firm’s Moondust program, an internal exercise where senior designers present interns with a brief and ask them to come up with a product-driven solution.

If you want to break a formerly strong, successful, intelligent woman, simply show her the message she’s sent to a boy she’s recently started dating. Papier-mache I’ll admit, was harder than I thought. Will rectify and push on with the newspaper strips. I’m just taste testing these at the moment, necessary I feel given my current situation.

Highlight the “last seen” stamp that shows her he’s been online, read your message but has deemed it beneath him to reply as yet. There’s much more glue on me and the floor than actually attempting to stick the newspaper to the balloons. I don’t remember my mother mopping up a glue and water mess from the floor for hours after an arts and crafts session. After this, I plan on popping the balloons internally using a pin. After the insertion, I’ll sticky tape over the hole and paint the entire structure……HE’S TEXT ME BACK, DATE IS ON!