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07 May

The team, which has two detectives and one victim advocate, had to quickly scale back its work to cases in which the victims consented to have the team work on the case.That happened in about 26 percent, or just over 150 cases, Smialek said.

Team members noted other improvements based on the assessments and multidisciplinary collaboration: Cleveland experienced between 11 and 19 domestic violence homicides each year from 2013 through 2016.Charges against Peters in Fruscella's death are still pending.In between those cases, neither of the police districts involved had a domestic violence-related homicide, Smialek said.( CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It has been more than a year since Cleveland police officers began measuring the level of potential danger when responding to domestic violence calls in two city districts.About half of the 1,600 cases officers screened were "high risk" for serious harm or death.