Friends in married dating site

31 Jan

It seems like “dating” is a phase that shouldn’t go on forever.You wish there was something else between “dating” and “married.” You and your partner have discussed the reasons you don’t want to get married (at least for now) extensively.The words “Dating” and “A decade” don’t seem to go together.You don’t really care, but you acknowledge that it sounds odd.

You’ve even heard whispers of them thinking maybe he has a secret family somewhere else or is a closeted homosexual, and that’s why he hasn’t proposed. A lot of people assume you just got married at some point and they missed the memo.

Societal norms creep into your head, and lyrics like, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…” get you feeling a little out of sorts.

Sometimes you wonder, “So, what does happen if you don’t get married? But you don’t exactly know the answer to this question.

Nothing is holding you together other than your devotion to each other.

You sense your friends pitying you and you hate it.