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07 Dec

First built ~1014 - Dubhghall's Bridge Rebuilt 1385, 1394, 1428 - Known as The Bridge, Old Bridge, Dublin Bridge Rebuilt 1816 - Whitworth Bridge Renamed 1923 - Dublin Bridge Renamed 1938 - Father Mathew Br.

is a road bridge spanning the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland and joining Merchants Quay to Church Street and the north quays.

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In line with another, later, Dublin tradition of naming bridges for temperance campaigners, the bridge was renamed again in 1938 for Father Theobald Mathew (the Apostle of Temperance) who was born at Thomastown near Golden, County Tipperary.

If you are a classic one, Friday evening concerts at The National Concert Hall are just the perfect choice.

But maybe you are a dance lover…, in Dublin shaking the body is not a problem, check out The Westin on Fridays for salsa and reaggeton, Hogan’s and Sin e Bar for soul; together with a cocktail The Odeon, and for a longer night out The Gaiety which includes as well the cinema.

With over 40% of the 25-64 years adult population educated to third level and 75% of school leavers going onto higher or further education or training the Irish certainly hold education in high regard.

For such a small country, Ireland can boast a list of Nobel Prize winners such as Seán Mc Bride, WB Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Ernest Walton, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett.