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02 Apr

This trend of the globalized public sphere is not only as a geographical expansion form a nation to worldwide, but also changes the relationship between the public, the media and state (Volkmer, 193).

Howard Rheingold (2000) describes these globalised societies as self-defined networks, which resemble what we do in real life.

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Although causally unrelated, conceptually it makes sense that the Cold War and the design of the Web took place at exactly the same time." Writers and philosophers such as Marshall Mc Luhan were instrumental in the development of media theory during this period.

New media has the ability to connect like-minded others worldwide.

While this perspective suggests that the technology drives – and therefore is a determining factor – in the process of globalization, arguments involving technological determinism are generally frowned upon by mainstream media studies.

The last twenty-five years have seen the rapid transformation into media which are predicated upon the use of digital technologies, such as the Internet and video games.

However, these examples are only a small representation of new media.