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10 Apr

Massey described himself as a security consultant and laundered much of his money gained from property and rackets in a legitimate security firm.

Operation Holly was run over five years and focussed on 21st Security Ltd, which detectives believed 'shadow director' Massey and his gang used to launder proceeds of crime, a Times investigation has revealed.He didn't speak to the local officers; he spoke to the serious end.Sometimes if you crossed him, next thing you'd know is that your front door was being kicked in by the police.'Mr Massey continually denied the claims that he was asked to intervene after a spate of violence in Salford.His tactic failed as he polled seventh out of 10 candidates with 1,995 votes.Speaking to the Observer, sources in Salford's criminal underworld suggested the city's 5ft-tall Mr Big was not as imposing a character as is often suggested.