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25 Oct

The following in an excerpt from an interview with Pastor Wuye and Imam Ashafa by Africa Today: I put it to Pastor James that there are those – and there is an extensive list – who do not believe that after vowing to kill each other and confronting each other murderously for a long time, all is now forgiven and that they have kissed and made-up.

Is this a match made in heaven or a match made in ?

We’re using faith to de-programme violence.’ I really recommend seeing the film.

It premiered at the United Nations in New York and was screened at the House of Commons in the UK.

In one of the violent clashes between Muslim Youth Councils and Youth Christian Association of Nigeria, two cousins and Ashafa’s spiritual mentor died while fighting Pastor Wuye’s Christian group.

For years, both Ashafa and Wuye vowed to avenge the deaths and injuries of their loved ones by killing each other.

Pastor James replies, almost shouting: “This is your journalist instinct running wild,” but he admits there are ghosts to be exorcise.

“I know some people would find the documentary too good to be true. From time-to-time we’ll disagree on things, however, I love this guy and we’ll never get a divorce,” stressing: “Imam and I are in this together, to promote co-operation for the long term in Ashafa told E K’ABO about how they faced opposition from their respective religious groups when they first came together to promote their inter-faith initiatives and local reconciliation in their communities. Some incensed people branded them compromising traitors. But today we have majority support in my country and we are being called upon by other countries, organisations and small communities to sort out conflicts before they get out of hand and sometimes to quench already smouldering conflicts threatening to engulf communities.

Sensing danger, they immediately asked the heads of the Christian Associations of Nigeria to appear on radio and television to publicly condemn the negative depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in the cartoons, and asked the Chief Imams to accept the condemnation and ask for calm.According to Imam Ashafa: ‘Religion is a candle to light the house or to burn down the house.It is an energy, and like nuclear energy, it can be used for good or destructive purposes.Our task is to see religion used for positive purposes.’ According to Pastor Wuye, ‘Nigeria is a very religious country.The conflict entrepreneurs use faith as the medium to inspire violence.