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22 Jan

By 2035 the majority of people will own sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex.'Sexbots' will start to appear in high-income, very wealthy households as soon as 2025.

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Y en el diario The Guardian puedes descargar algunas plantillas diseñadas por ella en formato PDF, listas para imprimir y colorear.Professor Noel Sharkey from Sheffield University, who recently published a consultation report with Foundation of Responsible Robotics said: ‘Robotics and artificial intelligence is a long way off the technical sophistication of the theme park in Westworld, but we’re already seeing dolls being used in the adult entertainment industry and we can expect robots to join them soon.' The results showed that more than one in three people in the UK would consider having sex with a robot. The survey also revealed that 39 per cent of people in the UK think that we'll be having relationships with robots instead of humans in just 34 years.Despite this, almost 30 per cent of those surveyed said they would be 'horrified' if one of their friends started a relationship with a robot, and 16 per cent would try to convince them to abandon it.Pero si no tienes tablet, o para quienes busquen una alternativa, también existen páginas web de las que puedes descargar e imprimir dibujos listos para colorear.De esta forma, aprovechando el papel que tengas por casa y unos lápices de colores, puedes crear tu propio libro de colorear para adultos, totalmente a tu gusto. Podría decirse que Johanna Basford inició la moda de los libros de colorear para adultos, con la publicación en 2013 de su .