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31 Oct

My wife and I both coach for Moorestown High School.We got married on February 18th of this year and decided to stop by our boat bay in the Cooper River Boathouse to take a few photos.And today, Fox News is reportedly under federal investigation for allegedly try to hide the mountainous payments the company has made to women claiming sexual harassment.Rupert Murdoch’s not a savvy pragmatist committed to cleaning up the harassment culture at Fox News.“As a direct and proximate result of Carlson refusing Ailes’ sexual advances, and retaliation for Carlson’s complaints about discrimination and harassment, Ailes terminated her employment, causing her significant economic, emotional and professional harm,” Carlson stated in her filing.(She later reportedly settled the suit for million.) It's quite possible that 52 weeks later, Fox News and the Murdoch family will still be mired in the mess. As the media grappled with the reports about O'Reilly last week, Murdoch was portrayed as a “pragmatist” and a “savvy political observer.” And driving the Murdoch sons?He’s been a profound enabler who placed profits above workplace decency.

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British regulators are currently deciding whether Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox would qualify as “fit and proper” to purchase satellite TV giant Sky.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several women who say O’Reilly sexually harassed them, recently stressed to British officials, “The similarities between the current harassment scandal and the phone-hacking scandal reveal the company’s approach to business and management – a lack of oversight, intervention, and decency.” Note that in recent years, Murdoch employees have been accused of not only hacking into phones, computers, and emails, but also of paying off news sources.

The paper was paying off the police.” By 2015, it was estimated that the scandal had cost Murdoch’s company more than 0 million, which included “paying out some 377 legal settlements to victims of voicemail interception and a further 341 payouts through a voluntary compensation scheme, which was set up as an alternative to litigation.” The hacking was thought to represent Murdoch’s professional low point.

But now come the revelations of Fox News’ apparent disregard for workers' rights.