Accommodating people with physical disabilities catholic dating a muslim man

25 Nov

This wishful thinking is comparable to thinking that racism no longer exists because we have an African American President.Disabled or able-bodied, we all have the power and responsibility to make society more inclusive for everyone.If this is taught at a young age, less discrimination and more social inclusion will occur.

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How could an able-bodied actor play a character with a disability better than a person living under those circumstances?That gap was under ,000 in the early 1990s." The disability community is still discriminated against at work from being refused a job or denied a final interview.But when it comes down to it, employers need to see a person, including his/her disability, as an asset and not a potential liability. Increase Disability Representation in Political Setting Can you think of many politicians or government officials- local, state, to national level- who live with a disability?According to NCD's Report, people with disabilities still encounter architectural, attitudinal and technological barriers when exercising their right to vote, including, no automatic door openers, an absence of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, no Braille signs or ramps; narrow doorways and inaccessible voting machines. Integrate Disability History in School Curriculums How can a person with a disability acknowledge and identify with his/her history if it's not widely taught?In addition, voter competency for people with intellectual disabilities was challenged and some people were turned away. How can the community be embraced if their civic background is never taught?