Yogi dating

13 Apr

This is no different to ordinary yoga and I feel my breathing slowing and my body relaxing.After the class we’re encouraged to change out of our gym gear and go for a drink in the bar next door.As someone who feels awkward about eye contact at the best of times I can’t say I’m a big fan of being forced to gaze into the eyes of various strangers.

So I am nervous as I arrive at a gathering of singles to try a yoga dating class in Dalston, east London.

Any reservations I may have had before the class disappear quickly.

With each partner I have a good laugh and it’s hilarious trying to hold our limbs in position without toppling over on to the couples next to us.

It takes dedication to be a yogi, so they expect their counterpart to be just as well versed in the lessons of life and flexible enough to keep up with them in class.

That’s why many yogis seek out fellow yogis to partner up with, whether it be on a platonic or romantic level.