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19 Feb

and perhaps no one knows this better than the MDs of Grey's Anatomy.Thorpe was grilling Mer about how many dates they'd been on at this point, prompting her to ask why he was counting.Everything Implodes For her part, Maggie had started to realize that Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) had been brushing her off lately, and she raced to the hospital to confront him. The final blow of the episode came at the very end when, after Jackson thanked his mom for her help, she revealed her true motive. What she knew, when she knew it, who she spoke to and when," she said with a smile.Before Jackson could even ask her what she meant she added, "I needed to confirm that she withheld information from you when she was signing those divorce papers, that she legally committed fraud, and she did and now we can go after her." Dun dun dun!He gave her clear instructions to stay away from April (Sarah Drew), but she didn't listen.Instead, she had a heart-to-heart with April that actually seemed to go really well.Meanwhile, it was just recently reported that Scott's character as Joe Clark was officially out of "The Young and The Restless." Joe will end up being sentenced to six years of imprisonment out of state.

Will Thorpe at Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital on ABC's hit primetime series, "Grey's Anatomy." It seems like 2016 is Elrod's year with successful career on his hands, a baby to arrive in a few months and a doting soon to be wife, Vanessa."Three's my lucky number," he said with a heart-stopping smile.Meredith Is Not a Morning Person The next morning, Meredith started shrieking and kicked Thorpe out of her room.April, bolstered by this discussion, then approached Jackson to say that the conversation with his mom went well and asked if they could find a time to talk soon. Things weren't any better for Owen and Amelia. When Thorpe showed up to apologize (and maybe try to get his shoes back?Jackson was nothing short of thrilled and thanked his mom later for speaking to April. In a Hail Mary attempt to salvage their on-again, off-again relationship, Owen showed up at Meredith's place to apologize. ), she told him, "I lost my husband two years ago, and you are the first person I've been with since." He surmised that she wasn't ready, and she replied, "I guess I'm not." Because he is perfect, Thorpe told her he was "pretty sure" she was "worth waiting for." Sigh.