Startup speed dating

15 Nov

Never be rude or pushy, as the VC community is a small one — a single bad review from one VC may damage your chances of working with others.Kevin Tighe II currently resides in Los Angeles where he serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Verifico, the leading marketplace for consumers to securely connect and conduct transactions with verified independent financial professionals.Use your findings to strengthen your pitch, avoid mistakes, and appeal to the VC’s interests.Once the session is over, politely ask for a business card and leave yours on the table as well.Read their tweets and their blog to find out their favorite sports team, a recent travel destination, or any other area where you may be able to relate.If you’re lucky enough to have two and a half minutes, like I was, be prepared to lay out all the most important parts of your venture in the first minute.If you find that they have invested in a company where there could be synergy with your starup, bring it up.You may even compare yourself to a company in which the firm had a great exit, but make sure you do not compare yourself to a company that crashed and burned — and DO NOT say you are the next Instagram for your industry (you would be surprised at how often this happens).

If there is a networking or cocktail reception following the session, stay for a bit, as there may be an opportunity to make a second contact.

Be sure to follow up with an email the next day, even if your venture wasn’t a fit — you never know what ventures you may have in the future.

In your email, remind the VC who you are and what your startup is, thank them for their time and attach any information they may have requested.

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Start-up Speed Dating an der CBS Worauf ist bei der Gründung eines Unternehmens zu achten und lässt sich die eigene Start-up-Idee überhaupt umsetzen?