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06 Dec

Slight S-turns are a simple and effective solution that should be done regardless, and it is a cool Taildragger tradition. Being a machinist and designer by trade I was very impress by the fit and finish of your kits, I have seen 3 now in the Salt Lake area ,they are impeccable .I have looked for design errors and cant find any .So, as stated here before, the Bearhawk is NOT simply a hot rod Pacer (not that there would be anything wrong with that either). This attitude and power gave what looked like 75 mph IAS sustained, and a rather impressive climb angle. I noticed that hitting mild updrafts caused me to apply backpressure on the stick like a reverse counterbalance. This amazes me: During slow flight, control forces and responsiveness didn’t seem to drop off like a Cessna.Now, for the interesting part, the demo ride (or Yall gotta get one of these! (even looks cool from the ground) Passing through pattern altitude about mid field we pushed over, accelerated to about 100mph, and 1200-1500 fpm, probably about 10 deg nose up. Cross wind to base, in a mild cruise climb, and at about mid field we were level at about 1600 ft and 140 mph, pulled back to about 22inch(? This is easy to fix, rest your forearm on you leg and hold the stick a few inches below the grip. Cessna drivers will probably find the over-the nose sight picture at level cruise pretty typical. In a Cessna, I remember the lack of feedback as being a indication of nearing a stall. Entering slow flight with 20 degs flaps (little if any trim change when the flaps are deployed), and down to about 70mph IAS then adding 20inch Hg,and pitching up to a near departure stall, rudder forces and effectiveness seemed pretty much unchanged, At what I would guess as 25-30 nose up I felt what seemed to be a pre stall mush (no buffet yet)..however the controls felt almost as they did in cruise.): Since I haven’t flown regularly in 6 years, these observations are of questionable and varying accuracy. Visibility on the ground is great to the side, and side-fwd. Big smiles and wife very much important. Trying to fly around with the full leverage of the stick is what happens when you get all giddy about an airplane ride and forget old habits. I’m chalking some of this perception up as me being rusty and excited. I imagine these means none of that loosy-goosy feeling a 172 gives at 10K feet. Dave took the controls at about 5 miles or so on a long final, settled into what was about a 70mph approach with a bit of power to land “long”.The nose obscures more of the fwd view than my luscombe.the luscombe had unusually good fwd visibility in a 3 point…just good enough for a false sense of security. The 540 is smooth, sounds good, and with ANR headsets…almost too quite. A definite plus for any cross country airplane used in the western states. rounding out past the numbers, touching down between the threshold and the fist taxiway (800ft) and a brakeless roll out turned taxi to the turnoff another 800ft or so down the runway. Wife still approves of the airplane, not sure about my flying. Husser The flight in your bearhawk was simply the high point of my life dealing with the Bearhawk ,a true performance plane, it really startled me how quick it left the ground, and I loved the visibility even better ,its attitude in flight .From Oshkosh 2017: Audio Testimonial from Kurt at Oshkosh 2017 Audio Testimonial from Lee at Oshkosh 2017 Audio Testimonial from Hunter at Oshkosh 2017 Bearhawk 4 place: “It might please you to hear this: We discovered that practically anywhere you can land a 150hp Cub with 2 people and 50% fuel, you can also land a Bearhawk 4-place with 2 people and 50% fuel. ” Flying the Bearhawk With the Bearhawk you get performance like most pilots have never experienced.

The flight handling characteristics are just so solid.

I will be keeping in touch and possibly putting my order in after the 1st of the year. Very solid and does what you tell it to do, like it should. Bearhawk Aircraft has a QB kit on display plus the Demonstrator.

I must say thank you for the demo flight it has charged me with the drive to get one of the best flying airplane out there. This is the first time I’ve seen a Bearhawk in person, or have had a chance to look at the kit.

He has done amazing flight demonstrations of the Helio Courier at Oshkosh, and checks their new pilots out in the Helio which is famous for its short field capabilities.

He has flown all over the world and into some of the most difficult strips imaginable.