Dating gun owners

17 Dec

Ergonomics (carry): * * * * Slightly chunkier (wider) than its primary competitors — think LCP, Bodyguard 380 and P3AT. Ergonomics (shooting): * * * * No mouse gun is fun to shoot, but the RM380’s added thickness fills the hand which reduces felt recoil and makes emptying a few mags at the range more than tolerable. Customize this: * * You can replace the grip panels and add a laser. Still, Remington bought a proven design and made it better and cheaper.

Right now, conservatives have enough political power to prevent any substantial new gun control measures at the federal level.

Ghost guns are legal to make, but not to sell, in most States. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law requiring registration, serial numbers, and background checks on homemade guns.

Effectively, then, these guns are no longer “ghost guns”.

It shot everything I threw at it — or into it — without complaint. Big Green’s version removes the defunct New York gun’s biggest (smallest?

I fired the RM380 in about every position I could imagine. ) problem: the 200-round recoil spring replacement issue.

And while background check records are not supposed to be kept more than a certain number of hours, I would be shocked if the intelligence agencies are not grabbing that data and storing it permanently.

So a gun bought through a local ad or from a private seller at a gun show would not be a bad start.

Of course, if they are looking closely at you, they might notice that you have bought many of the parts needed to make your own AR.

In 2014, Remington Outdoor purchased Rohrbaugh Firearms. As you’d expect, in their quest to convert an almost 00 niche market pocket pistol into a competitively priced, mass-marketable self-defense gun, Remmy’s altered a few things, mostly for the better.

Considering Remington’s stewardship of other assimilated brands, devotees of Rohrbaugh’s fabulously expensive, finely-crafted pocket pistols were apprehensive. It’s basically the Rohrbaugh R9 – Remington ships the all-metal RM380 with two six-round magazines, one flush and one with a pinky extension. The photo above shows the RM380 spooning with a Rohrbaugh R9. Remington replaced Rohrbaugh’s Eurotrash-style heel-mounted magazine release with a good ol’ traditional ambidextrous button behind the trigger guard, right where it ought to be.

As these guns are manual action, not semi-auto, they are least likely to be banned.

The same goes for pump shotguns and bolt-action rifles.