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29 Mar

and emerged as a recognized superpower and rival to the United States during the Cold War.The Soviet era saw some of the most significant technological achievements of the 20th century, including the world's first human-made satellite and the launching of the first humans in space.In the past we’ve said that the best time for you to submit your DACA renewal application is 120 to 150 days before the date your current DACA and EAD expire.

It shares maritime borders with Japan by the Sea of Okhotsk and the U. The Grand Duchy of Moscow gradually reunified the surrounding Russian principalities, achieved independence from the Golden Horde, and came to dominate the cultural and political legacy of Kievan Rus'.

Last updated AUGUST 2016 Are you planning to apply to renew your DACA and wondering when you should send your renewal application to U. You should apply to renew your DACA before it and your employment authorization document (EAD) expire.

The handy calculator available at the bottom of this page can help you decide.

The name Rus itself comes from the early medieval Rus' people, Swedish merchants and warriors who relocated from across the Baltic Sea and founded a state centered on Novgorod that later became Kievan Rus.

An old Latin version of the name Rus' was Ruthenia, mostly applied to the western and southern regions of Rus' that were adjacent to Catholic Europe.