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Another tip is to go to and if your phone has a Jailbreak, it will prompt you that it has already been done.If all else fails you can note any suspicious looking apps on your phone and look for them in the Apple Store – if they are not there then your phone must already be Jailbroken. In my opinion the disadvantages of Jailbreaking your i Phone have been exaggerated and if you take a few precautions there is no real downside.Again it will add another level of freedom of choice.Perhaps you are working with a phone and need to know if it has already been Jailbroken.

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As part of any Jailbreak, you will have an app like these to enable you to install other applications.

So now you know what the terms mean and you have decided you want the freedom of a jailbroken i Phone. But if you can cut through all of the unnecessary information, and go to the right places – it should be very easy for anyone to do. But beware of the sites selling Jailbreaking software – it is free and they are a con.

I have done this many times for friends and clients – although I don’t own an i Phone myself (never liked them! You need to do a full backup of your i Phone and save it to your PC hard drive or a memory stick.

When an i Phone has been Jailbroken it will show the icon of Cydia or Installer App in the main screen. From within Cydia search for a free app called SBSettings and install it. Both Jailbreaking and unlocking your i Phone are perfectly legal. S Library of Congress and decided that it was legal under the Fair Use Doctrine – . The main worry is that your warranty with Apple will be void if you have a Jailbroken phone. If you need to return a phone under warranty – simply restore the original settings and they have no way of knowing it has been Jailbroken.

Then open up SBSettings and select hide icons – a menu will open where you select the icons you want to hide. The other main downside which is often mentioned is that a jailbroken phone can easily be infected with viruses and malware.