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19 Jun

These were usually big enough to be framed for wall display.

Opalotypes can be wonderfully beautiful works of art.

She told me about the posters that had appeared in the streets when there was still hope that victims might be found and identified – photographs of loved ones with heartbreaking messages ("Have you seen my daddy?

Suddenly photography was available to the masses as well as the gentry and family albums became a must for most Victorian families.

From 1866, the carte de visite was joined by the larger format cabinet card photo which was pasted onto a standard mount measuring approximately 6.5 “x 4.25″ (155mm x 110mm).

), and about how she had spent the first night relighting candles that had blown out on the impromptu memorials.

It was only when she reached across the table to take my hand that I realised that I was crying.