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27 May

Amendments by Congress and judicial interpretations in case law have extended the law’s protections.

The law is a sister to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act.

Because jobs, credit and housing were seen as vitally important, Congress built high standards for protection into these areas, Rossman said.

Companies must show that if their policies do result in disparate treatment of protected groups, there is a critical business need for the policy.

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“It makes it very challenging for them,” Panameño said.

Rosa, who identifies as a woman, was dressed as a man in her ID photos.

At first a federal court dismissed her discrimination lawsuit under the equal credit law, but the federal appeals court disagreed, ruling that Rosa had grounds to sue.

“Not to mention the fact that many people don’t like to talk about their credit – it’s not part of your casual conversation.” While it may be next to impossible for an individual to determine they are a victim of disparate impact discrimination, there are ways to protect yourself from disparate treatment – discrimination at the individual level.

Legal background One July day in Massachusetts, Lucas Rosa went to Park West Bank & Trust Co.