Dating a soldier

14 Jul

That team mentality will make your relationship strong enough to cross the void in time and space while he is gone.

Sit down together and develop a plan on how the two of you will stay in touch.

If you care for one another enough to commit to a relationship during that period and thousands of miles from one another, understand that challenges lay ahead.

Melanie informed Phoebe that things didn’t look good, and went ahead and tried to verify the identity of Peter by running a thorough background check.

Melanie Daria, one of Trustify’s private investigators, first saw Peter’s profile when it was sent to her by Phoebe, a client.

Phoebe was already in the midst of starting a relationship with the man, and since she’d worked with Melanie before, she thought she’d simply run the man’s information past her and get the all clear. She’d had rough experiences, and she was hoping that things finally were working out for her - at least in the romance department”. “Peter’s profile had none of the usual indicators that it was genuine.

By preying on patriotism, love, and generosity, scammers can extract thousands of dollars from their victims - victims they even have the audacity to call “clients.” Fortunately, the signs are easy to spot.

And, of course, be aware of common signs that a social media profile is fake.